Jan 27 2015

Pasar Pekonina Uap

Jakarta, January 14, 2015. Upon completion of the exploration program at the end of 2013, through the implementation of the drilling of 6 (six) wells, PT Supreme Energy Muara Laboh (PT SEML), as the holder of a Geothermal Working license area Liki Pinangawan Muaralaboh (LPM), has managed to obtain certification of the amount of steam backup of an independent agency, appointed by the international banking. The reserves value of steam that has been certified by mid-2014 is sufficient to build a power plant with a capacity of 70 MWe, where all electricity generation will use geothermal energy (PLTP).

Based on its certification, the Feasibility Study, and preliminary design of geothermal power plants, has been successfully completed by the end of 2014. PT SEML The initial design is then used to be bidding documents of PLTP builder. PT SEML currently has completed the pre-qualification tender, to choose a contractor builder PLTP. Pre-qualification stage is followed by 21 (twenty one) participants, of which 8 (eight) participants include pre-qualification documents and of 8 (eight) pre-qualified participants; three (3) participants passed the pre-qualification stage. In early January, the three bidders, enters anwijsing stage to conduct a field visit.

Along with the above auction process, the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources in mid-2014, issued Decree No. 17 2014, where give a possibility for geothermal energy developer to negotiate the sale of electricity tariff. PT SEML is now currently in the process of following Decree No. 17 2014 to obtain the agreement of new electricity sale price with PT. PLN (Persero). When the auction process and also the negotiations can proceed smoothly, the construction of geothermal power plants can be estimate began in late 2015 and the estimated electricity production in mid-2018.

Several community development programs that have been conducted by PT SEML are Microfinance Unit assistance programs, groups of embroidery business, the revitalization of traditional markets in Pauh duo, the rehabilitation of the mosque, the construction of South Solok welcome gates, rehabilitation of roads, provision of scholarships and other activities to support the local communities.